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Retirement Advice – Pass It On to Your Millennials

One question we often get at River Wealth Advisors from our clients is how they can help their adult children jump-start their retirement savings. The answer that applies to everyone is “get started now”; no matter how small, your savings will add up over time. Don’t underestimate the power of compounding returns.

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Recently Retired Or Changed Jobs? What You Need To Know About 401(k) Rollovers

Major life changes, like retirement or landing a new job can be a big adjustment. Not to mention all the financial considerations that must be managed during these transitions. One major financial decision is whether or not to rollover your employer-sponsored retirement plan. If you decide to rollover your existing plan, there are things you should consider.

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Ring In The New Year By Revisiting Your Financial Plan

In order to keep pace with changes in your life, your financial plan should function as a “living” document. As your life goals and aspirations evolve, your financial plan needs to be adapted to support those modifications. The New Year is an ideal time to evaluate, and if necessary, update your plan.

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