Enriching the Lives of Our Clients


At River Wealth Advisors, we provide clients with personalized financial strategies that will guide them through the changing currents of their lives. Whether you’re beginning to build your personal wealth, facing a financial life change, or planning for retirement, we offer a straight-forward approach with disciplined financial strategies and sound risk management. Below are just a few examples of the financial life scenarios that we guide clients through.

Client example

Life-Altering Event



  • Untimely death of her spouse leaves 67-year-old widow with significant, active real estate investment portfolio

  • Widow has limited experience with business and investment matters

our value:

  • Assisted in building a team of professionals that could help with this transition, including an estate attorney, CPA and real estate professional

  • Assisted with the disposition of real estate holdings and transition proceeds into a portfolio of investment assets designed to support her lifestyle

  • Assisted with estate plan design and implementation to support the well-being of future generations


  • Comfortably retired in California, she is no longer a real estate investor

  • She has a group of trusted advisors to assist with needs as they arise

  • River Wealth Advisors manages her portfolio and provides guidance on major financial decisions to ensure her desired retirement lifestyle remains intact 

Life-Altering Event

client example

Working Professional



  • Busy professional has successfully accumulated significant investment assets

  • Limited time to focus on day-to-day management, but realizes its importance

  • Multiple broker/custodial relationships further complicate investment administration

  • Limited ability to translate accumulated wealth into a practical long-term plan

  • Increasing analysis needed for various executive compensation plans

  • Emerging needs for more complex tax and wealth transfer strategies

our value:

  • Consolidated disparate holdings under one custodian to improve administrative efficiency and simplify the process

  • Prepared a goals-based financial plan to determine what was needed to achieve the individual’s long-term objectives

  • Designed a portfolio around the long-term plan and the individual’s comfort with investment risk

  • Built an understanding and explored the use of specialized tax, estate planning and insider divestiture rules and plans


  • The client has a clear understanding of the plan, including planned actions and risks

  • During periodic meetings, plan updates are provided and discussed, and changes are adopted as needed

  • The client has confidence in the execution of the plan and knowing that the assets are being managed professionally



Client example

Transition To Retirement



  • A husband is nearing retirement with significant assets accumulated in retirement accounts

  • Assistance is needed to understand how to convert savings into dependable retirement cash flow

our value:

  • Assisted the husband and wife in developing an understanding of what their retirement income needs would be

  • Evaluated various sources of retirement income and provided analysis of the available options

  • Prepared a spending plan that incorporated all available income and assets to determine if spending goals were reasonable and achievable

  • Designed a portfolio around the couple’s goals, objectives and comfort with investment risk


  • The husband is now retired, with regular distributions being deposited from the couple’s investment account to their checking account

  • The portfolio and spending plan have been designed so that the couple’s lifestyle is not exposed to market volatility

  • During regular client meetings, updates are provided to ensure the plan adequately reflects the couple’s current situation

  • The couple has confidence in the execution of the plan and knowing that the assets are being managed professionally


Please Note: Limitations: The above scenarios are hypothetical – not involving an actual River Wealth client. No portion of the above should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or a certain level of results or satisfaction if River Wealth is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services.