Investment Philosophy


At River Wealth Advisors, we recognize our clients are at various stages in life with different needs and objectives. We believe personalized service and objective advice are critical to develop a financial plan that truly reflects each client’s specific needs. It is how we marry our broader investment strategy with these individual objectives that define who we are.

Our overall investment philosophy is grounded in diversification, which allows us to develop models promoting different global stock/bond mixes based on your risk tolerance. As part of this, we constantly assess market conditions and appropriate allocation to most effectively seize growth opportunities within our investment strategy. For the individual, it’s all about the right mix of equities and fixed income for the stage of life you are in and what your objectives are. We work hard to make the best decisions within these broad asset classes to build portfolios suitable for the economic environment, while keeping our eye on the ultimate prize – long-term financial success.

There is one thing we know with certainty; markets will change. They will go up, down, stabilize, and repeat, not necessarily in that order. Our commitment to our clients is to mitigate unnecessary risk, not react emotionally to the market, and position them to achieve their financial goals.

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