Client Services Beyond Investing


Here at River Wealth Advisors, we love what we do. Our work provides us with daily opportunities to help clients clear away the uncertainty involved with financial decisions and move forward in their lives with confidence. Much of our work is focused on the development of portfolio objectives and the oversight of investment strategy, helping clients marry their goals and objectives with their resources. Portfolio management and planning are critically important components of our day, but our job does not end there.  

We are frequently called upon as a resource to assist in decisions beyond investment management and strategy. Clients facing life decisions with financial implications seek our assistance, and we are happy to help. Our ability to help clients make sound decisions is incredibly rewarding to us, and it’s a big part of the value we offer.   

Recently a client decided to purchase a home outside the U.S. They felt this would be a great move, but needed help figuring out how the financing worked. After discussing the transaction in detail, we were able to map out a strategy to efficiently finance their dream home. Another client reached out for advice on how to use his IRA to invest in the closely held stock of his new employer. With the help of our custodial partners we successfully coordinated this transaction for him. 



In addition, we spend time collaborating with our clients’ attorneys and CPAs to develop tax and estate plans. After discovering issues through the financial planning process, we recently met with our clients and their attorney to update their testamentary documents. Clients transitioning from working life to retirement often have an opportunity to manage their tax exposure. By collaborating with our clients’ tax professionals, we are able to identify these opportunities and put tax-saving strategies in place.

Unfortunately, there are times when life throws a client a curveball. Serious medical conditions, the loss of a loved one, divorce or significant unexpected expenses can create significant financial stress in a person’s life. We are ready to step into these situations and help clients bring order to the chaos.

If you are facing a financial decision, we are here to help. Situations can vary widely, but chances are we have worked through similar scenarios. If it is outside our area of expertise, we will help bring in the resources needed to make prudent decisions. Our goal is to be your trusted source for comprehensive financial advice in all aspects of life. What can we do for you and your family today?