Retirement Planning


At River Wealth Advisors we work with clients to formulate a retirement plan that meets their unique goals. The process starts with talking about your retirement goals. Do your plans include travel, relocation or enhancing your home? Whatever your future plans are, we want to ensure that you will have a comfortable retirement that allows you to satisfy your living expenses, without worrying about running out of money.

We’ll work with you to identify the Needs you must have, the Wants you’d like to have, and even the Wishes you hope for. After identifying all your goals, we’ll help you gather information about the resources you currently have. Then, we’ll forecast what you can reasonably expect to accumulate before you retire. Finally, we’ll crunch the numbers and consider options to start you on your way to a fulfilling retirement including:

  • Current resources - your net worth, retirement income and asset allocation
  • Overview of your recommended plan
  • Results and recommended changes to meet your goals
  • Access to SMART Portal that allows you to input different scenarios and see the result

Retirement planning is an ongoing process. Your River Wealth Advisor is available to meet with you on an ongoing basis to review your plan and determine if you have significant changes that would require you to make adjustments.

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