So Much More Than Investing

Bob Caplan and Ed O’Gorman deploy their market expertise every day to manage our clients’ money and help make dreams become reality. But they don’t stop there. In fact, that is just the beginning of what our clients can expect from working with River Wealth Advisors.

We recognize that our clients are at various stages in life with different needs and objectives. Investing is just one piece of a more complicated puzzle. Tax consequences need to be considered whenever money is moved, gained or gifted. Trusts, estates, wills and changes in marital status also are all significant pieces in that puzzle.

Or, what if you find yourself recently widowed or divorced and you are facing major financial decisions you never had to make before? We are here to help make sure you are not being taken advantage of on major purchases, home repairs or other large decisions you find yourself needing to make.

The best service we can deliver to you is through a team approach. Our internal team works closely together on your account, sharing best practices and ensuring all activities meet our strict compliance standards. Additionally, by working with your other professional advisors, like your attorney and accountant, we are able to see the full picture, which in turn allows us to provide the most informed guidance and tax benefits.

Call us at 717.888.9830 if you have questions or would like for us to set up a meeting with your other professional advisors.